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This is a place where educators and non-profits can collaborate, find new ideas, and share stories. If you would like to join our forums, please read through the welcome forum below. 

We have migrated from our old platform to one more integrated to the MWN website. Over the next few weeks, our old forum posts will be migrated to this new platform. In the mean time, feel free to look around and start new discussions! 

What are the MWN Forums?  

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Provide opportunities for teachers, students and professionals working for nonprofits to connect in your efforts to incorporate Monarchs, pollinator gardens and experiential/self-learning activities into your curriculum.



Since the forums are directed at educators, we will only allow those who are teachers or who have received free milkweed from us to join.

Students are encouraged to share their challenge question answers and any other thoughts through their teacher's account. When allowing your student to post under your account, please make sure they sign their first name or somehow indicate that they are a student using a teacher's account. When doing this, please ensure your students are not sharing any personal information (full name, address, ect.). 


  • Questions about Monarchs, your Waystation garden, milkweed plants, or insects you may encounter in your gardens
  • Pictures of your Waystation garden, critters in your garden and students using the garden for learning purposes
  • Successful lessons or activities you would like to share with others
  • Useful articles or tips you feel may benefit others
  • Requests to connect with other Waystation gardens in your region
  • Questions for Monarch Watch staff
  • And just about anything else you can think of!


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