You have found the future site of the Monarch Waystation Network, a new project of Monarch Watch. The goal of the Waystation Network is to connect the schools and nonprofits who have received free milkweed plants from Monarch Watch. The intent is to launch this site by the end of July, so please bookmark it and come visit again! In the meantime, if you have questions, don't hesitate to email me at I am very excited about this project and look forward to connecting with you soon!


  1. I have been a supported of your project for several years now. I have a beautiful garden with many plants for butterflies, and I have the pleasure of watching many butterflies pass by my garden. However, I have yet to see my favorite butterflies the monarch. I hope they will be arriving soon. As an elementary school principal, my teachers and I raised 11 butterflies that we released just as the beautiful trees in our school were at full bloom. It was a most spectacular experience for the kids and us adults. Next year I would like to set up a school garden as well and I would appreciate getting milkweed from you. For now, thanks for all you do for God’s most beautiful creation……

    1. Hi Frederica,

      Thank you for reaching out, and for your work with kids and Monarchs! Numbers are a bit low this year. Here is a link to our most recent blog entry relating to population… In regards to you wanting to set up a school garden and applying for free milkweeds from us, why don’t you just email me at when you are ready to begin the process. The funding has not been completely secured at this point, but it is underway. The application process does take some time, so if you want to take a look at it for an overview of what is required, let me know. I look forward to working with and supporting you, your teachers and your students!

  2. This is Coack Garrison from Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn NY. This is the second year of our way staton. We are located in an area dominated by concrete, blacktop, glass, and iron. It is a difficult area to grow, but we managed to develop a flourishing garden over the past 2 growing seasons. We look forward to participating in the forum and speaking to people all over the country.

    1. This is really encouraging and inspiring…thanks for sharing! One way you can speak to people across the country is like you mention- registering for and participating in the forum. It is currently in its infancy, so any activity to give it a boost would be greatly appreciated! We have a good number of registrants, but not much activity yet. I realize it’s a busy time of the year for teachers and that things like this take time. I also see the potential benefit of this to teachers, so am excited for the day it is utilized by teachers and students all over! I look forward to seeing any pictures, questions from students, lesson/activity ideas, etc. that you care to share on the forum! I could also use some of your pictures on the home page slideshow at some point, so keep that in mind. Pictures with students, the gardens and the surrounding area would be awesome:)
      Thanks so much for reaching out and I look forward to working with you and supporting you and your students however possible!

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